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I Can Show you True Love  Ch 1
Reader x England

Tonight was your six month anniversary. Your boyfriend told you he had to rehearse with his band and afterwords he would come by and pick you up for a romantic dinner. You didn't really  mind waiting a little bit you were just so excited that he was actually taking you out somewhere it had been a really long time. He promised to be there by eight and so you started getting dressed around six.

Tonight was going to be wonderful. (Guy's name) was your first boyfriend and you have to admit  there was more than one occasion that he had disappointed you but there were moments when you felt really lucky to have him after all you don't have many friends and so it was a huge surprise to find out that such a popular guy wanted to go out with you. It was sad to say it but you were in love with him it was enough for you just to be wanted after all you have never been wanted not even by your own parents.            

But now someone wanted you. And your heart was about to leap right out of your chest at the thought of him treating you to a romantic dinner and on your anniversary it was like a dream come true.

You hummed softly to yourself as you continue to get ready slipping into a beautiful short and simple red dress with long sleeves and a thin black jacket over it.  Smiling as you brushed your (long/short) (curly/ Straight) (color)  hair deciding on wearing it down tonight. You slip into your favorite black flats and look at the time. It was already 7:30 and so you decided to pick up your phone and give your boyfriend a call. It only rang a time or two and then you were sent to his voicemail. Even though this was nothing new it still hurt your feelings a little but you just smiled  tonight was going to be great after all.

"Hey babe are you still rehearsing? Just give me a call back whenever you are ready. I'm dressed and waiting for you. See you soon love you"

Now the only thing to do was wait. You  decided to read a little bit from your child development
book it would be a good use of your time especially  sense you were newly employed at a local daycare. It was a pretty good job especially considering you were a 19-year-old college student. You couldn't exactly be in school right now though because working three jobs doesn't  leave much time for studying.

After a while of reading you notice that you were smiling from ear to ear you just love children  so much they are so innocent and just not as cruel world to as the adults in this world. Looking to your phone again your eyes widen when you saw it was 9:30 and (bf's name) still hasn't called. Was he alright it's not new for him to be late but he wouldn't blow you off completely when he knew that today was so special to you.

Worried you started calling and texting him but after the 3ed call he had turned his phone off. Now you felt like a complete idiot. It was going on midnight and it was clear that your boyfriend had no intention of showing up.

This was the last straw you had to end things with him. Tears rushing down your face as you buried your face into your pillow.

"I, I j-just want to be loved" you whispered the words as you cried yourself to sleep.


The next day around 5 you were just getting off of work from a small book store you worked at when he called you. You only answered to hear his apology.n


"Hey baby. What's up?"

You rolled your eyes. So four missed calls around 15 unanswered texts and a forgotten anniversary. And all he says is "What's up" unfreaking believable.

"What's up? That's all you can say. What about a sorry. You completely forgot me last night!"

"I didn't forget I just had to really learn a song last night and after I got it my friends wanted to take me out."

"Your friends wanted to take you out? And you couldn't say no? You couldn't even call me and let me know!!"

"Baby I ~"      

He started but you quickly cut him off. "No don't call me baby. Save it alright I'm tired I'm so tired of trying so hard to be a good girlfriend to you. When you can't even think about my feelings. I'm done "

"Your done? Come on baby we both know you don't mean that. After all, I'm the only person in this entire world who loves you." His voice sounded so smug it made you feel sick.

"If this is what it feels like to be loved, then I am alright with being alone." And you almost meant those words, almost. Before he could think of something to say you hung up and continued your walk home. You knew your night would be along one full of tears. But tomorrow would be better after all you new job starts first thing.  

Reader x England I Can Show you True Love Ch 1
AN~ Hello thank you for reading! I promise England will be making his appearance in chapter 2. Witch should be up soon 
APH England: Agent Kirkland at your service "See you soon reader-chan"


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